How can one earn from the Neobux and PTC websites in india?

PTC website means pay to click and neobux is also PTC website. Today we share some Tips to earn from neobux and PTC website in india.
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How to work PTC websites?

 All these PTC websites work on advertisement, this website gives you some tasks. You have to buy some ads from these websites to see advertisements on these websites. This website takes money up to $ 100 for getting ads and then you have to see these ass every day. This way you can earn 2-10 $ every day.
In this way, you buy ads from these websites and earn some money by showing ads, in this way they earn very well. The time of these websites is fixed, after which this website is closed, and the money you invest is drowned. Due to good traffic on these websites, some also take a lot of money to sponsor them from other websites. Only 1-2% of these websites work well, the rest of the websites are scams.

How to earn from PTC websites

If you want to earn from these websites,then you have to invest upto 100$ and they will provide you ads that you have to watch or read everyday. By visiting all these ads you earn some money from it, and this website deposit money to your wallet, after complete of task they will transfer you money to your bank account. And if you reffer to your friends they will give you extra some money. if your referral friends also buy ads then website also give you extra money of this.
By this procedures you earn money. But this depend on refferal.


Neobux is also a PTC website. Neobux also work on advertisement. You have to buy some ads from this website to create your account. You have to 50$ to create a new account. After create a account they provide you some ads and you have to visit all these ads. And all ads are not show in single day. Some limits are who controls your account. This is also scam
I think this is not profitable website to earn money online.

How to earn online

If you are Jobless, then you can earn online money but you have to some skill to earn online. Everyone can't earn online. But some sources are available now at internet that help you to earn online, today we discuss about all these online earning sources.
YouTube:- YouTube is also best source of earning online. YouTube also works on advertisement, but this method is popular all over world. If you upload your own created video and some viewers watvh your video and if you got monetisation then your earning got start.
Blogging:- Blogging is also bery popular and best Idea for online earning. I also use Blogging for earning. In blogging and YouTube you haven't invest any money. In these sources you have to some skills, and you have some patience and interest.
App development:- Android apps are becoming so popular in Android time. There are millions of apps are available on playstore. Some of them are earn lot of money. App development is very interesting way to earn online. You can earn lot of money if your app got viraled.
Affiliate:- affiliate means selling product of any company as example:- if you sale a t-shirt from Amazon then Amazon will pay you some commition.
You can sell any product of any website by sign-up of this website's affiliate program.
As ex:- Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc.
Freelancer:- freelancer are those who work for anyone by his own desire. In freelancer you are your own boss. In freelancer company hire you and they give some bid for your work and if you do their work properly then they will provide you money online.


As i think PTC(Neobux) is a scam and you shouldn't invest your money in all these types of website.
If you really serious about online earning then you should try YouTube and blogging, if you have passion about it.
Choose your own way which you like and which you can do easily.